Spring has arrived. All that lay dormant is coming to life again, and though I love grey as a color itself, I am so happy to see the fresh tones of spring come alive too.

This year I seem to be drawn to the citrusy tones of an easter palette…soft yellows, lively oranges, sharp fresh greens mixed with robins egg blue all come to mind.

My most recent painting was inspired by the the levity of winter weather lifting, heralded by abundant blossoms on the cherry trees and glorious magnolias our beautiful city is gifted with. Soft golden diffused light began seeping in, bringing warmth to everything that seemed cast underneath a cover of clouds for months. It is titled Vernalis as an homage to this vernal season.


Interestingly, others see an orchid in my painting. I was not my intent though I have been surrounding myself lately with pretty pastel tinted orchids. I can see now their bouncy lyrical forms dancing on my canvas.


 We had an early start to spring in our fair city on coinciding with a rare March easter weekend. Tea was enjoyed outside with my sister, our friends children scampered for treats at easter egg hunts and the birds were all a flutter in the blossoming trees. Everyone seemed to get outside and take in the gift of sunshine.


I was given some precious little fragrant violets from an old fellows garden and so enjoyed planting them into pots on my patio. I love to get my hands into the earth and the first planting is always so exciting. It reminds that there is a season to all things. All the first surprise bulbs push through the ground I am delighted and amazed by the resiliency of nature ~ and so too am restored and inspired to continue on my path of cultivating beauty and creativity wherever, however I can.
















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