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This weekend we had the pleasure of staying at our friends home on the Sunshine Coast. We love the time we spend with artists Rob Studer and Beth Hawthorn at Roberts Creek.

Their home is a cool yet cozy convergence of rustic homestead meets groovy mid-century modern with homespun family projects on the go all the time.

What I love most about their place is that things are M A D E here. It feels alive. When I come here I want to cook with goods foraged from their garden, walk to their meadow to greet the welcoming deer, curl up with a book. Or pick up a ball of yarn and knit, relax and chat while I smell fresh bread dough rising.There is always compelling conversation and curiosity at play in this household.


Our city friends turned country folk have carved out a home and a life here that is in creative flux at all times.  On their bucolic property they also built  a majestically imposing glass studio built from salvaged saw mill materials. They are mindful of the footprint they are leaving on this land, and the legacy they are creating for their children.

Their children are encouraged to create and there is evidence of this all around. Scissors and glue, wool felt and wood, crayons and kraft paper. Both Leya and Marcel, much like their parents, enjoy working in many modes and mediums. Model making, felting, knitting, drawing, building.

Beehives, birds nests, bird skulls, and books abound. The home feels ‘engaged’.

Recently  Marcel, just 6 years old, became fascinated with the making of primitive tools and with the help of his father crafted many beautiful hand made items using traditional methods. My partner, film maker Craig Anderl  made this adorable video on the process.

While the home abounds with natural elements and texture, it also has minimal restraint, a  graphic edge, a modern sensibility.

Rob works primarily in glass but also makes amazing installations with wood, metal, found objects. His work is greatly informed by his experiences with the natural environment. Beth works with ceramics, graphics and is also very hands on crafty with textiles. They have a company called This is it. We are grateful they open our home to us and allow us to get our fix of earth and sky and encounters with wild creatures. It in turn feeds our own creative process for when we return to the city.
















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