Sowing the Seeds of Mother Nature

These lemon yellow poppies have been cultivated from my mother’s garden. They grow wild in our region of BC and scatter each year as the little poppy seeds are caught with the wind and move along the terrain to find a new home. 


I love the seedpods when they dry, they become little beautiful architecture spikes that I shake throughout my garden to keep them multiplying up through my other plantings.

They’re blooming outside my bedroom window at the moment in the planter box and I am appreciating them especially at this moment as soon my condo will be under construction and my lovely view of them may be obscured.

As they came from my mother’s garden it seems appropriate for them to be flourishing in time for Mother’s Day. Flowers are truly a metaphor for life. The seeds are sewn and rise with warmth. They bloom, shine and glow in the moment of their glory. Eventually the petals start to fade. One by one they drop and return to the soil they came from or are lifted away on a warm wind to dry and rest a while elsewhere. In the case of these wild poppies the foliage will submerge back into the earth until another winter passes. Then the cycle of life continues once warmth returns to nurture life and they spring again like little potentials of hope in a tiny seedpod that flourishes and brightens the day like sunshine. 

I discovered these peonies on an afternoon stroll in my neighborhood the other day. I believe it was a Peony tree that rambled high over this picket fence with larger-than-life magnificent voluptuous blossoms that could fill both my hands.

I meant to be on a powerwalk but these powerful peonies stop to me in my tracks and my need and desire to immerse myself in the beauty of nature overrode my need to be svelte.

Mother nature nurtures us all, even those who are not so aware. I believe those that embrace and cultivate the natural world have greater peace and beauty in their life. Nature reminds us of the magic of life and all it’s beginnings and resiliency.


Some mothers do nothing more than birth a child and set it free to live a life and that is gift enough. Some may adopt a child and care for it as if it were their own, giving them the best chance to flourish. Some (such as myself ) will not raise a child for life but instead see the wondrous child in all and strive to inspire all the beautiful potential of each soul. Some may seek sun, some shelter in the shade, and others boldly weather storms… but each life is a perfectly unique and magical mystery like the patterns in the blossoms and the leaves.

I love my mother as I love my garden. I love mother nature for teaching me all these things.





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