Highlights & 'My Lights' from IDSwest 2015


I've finally caught my breath from the exciting whirlwind of events from IDSwest. Feeling light as a feather and over the moon pleased with all the buzz created.  Anyone who's done a design show knows how much work it is, so it was wonderful to see the beautiful results of everyone's efforts in what was a truly fantastic show.  The design world came together and shared their best. 

Naturally, I was loving all the organic nature inspired touches I saw throughout such as the wood and plant based resin designs of MTHWoodworks and gorgeous live elements created by the team at Greenstems  for the GRAY Magazine stage.

As an artisan I was delighted to be one of 10 designers asked to create a dream Workspace for the Open Studio exhibit.  I was in great company with designers such as Alda Pereira DesignGillian Segal Design and Amy McKay of PURE Interior Design that all created dreamy spaces.

For our 'Portable Studio' premise we created a whimsical, foldable, stackable, rolling space complete with a twine and clothes peg storyboard mock up of our upcoming book.  We could not have anticipated how endeared others would be with our humble 'glamping for the artisan with wanderlust' display.  


The ever charming Tommy Smythe  interviewed me in my space for The Marilyn Dennis Show.  We explored my signature color that I describe as 'where the sea meets the shore.'  I was so endeared by his 'Light as a Heather' reference to my booth on Instagram.  Being quite the wordsmith Tommy is known for his amusing hashtags ~ I may have to borrow his #astunningtexturallayeredspace. Thanks Tommy!

I was truly moved by Tommy's talk at IDSwest when he spoke of inspiration, scholarship and courage.  He mentioned one of my most favorite cities, Copenhagen, and showed us his brilliantly curated Instagram feed of travels and adventures.  When this little boy went front and center in the aisle to listen, I thought "there is a little 'creative' in the making!"  This is what it's all about!

Both Tommy and I were impressed with Jamie of The Edit for his young curatorial eye with exquisite antiques such as this 1930's parchment finished bar trolley.  Watch for Jamie's new showroom opening soon on Howe St.

For dinner by design Medina Design House did a sweeping table scape in romantic textiles complete with moss and a water feature.  A striking wild bramble light feature suspended above created a dramatic center feature. 


Not only did Jan Kath have a beautiful display of rugs hand made with Tibetan wool, silk, and stinging nettle fibre of all things, they threw a great party in their showroom draped with stunning carpets. 

Thanks to the keen eye of a dear client of mine, I also was enthralled to discover interior tiles made of jewellery grade Turquoise by Gemstone Tile.  The copper veining and sea tones were truly captivating.


It was a weekend of comrades and community from sunrise to sunset.  Thankfully the 'three musketeerettes' artist Dana Mooney and designers Alison and Cindy of Joue Design kept me laughing all weekend.  The show closed on a stunning evening just before a full blood moon eclipse was due to rise in the setting sky.

Due to my featherweight portable studio concept, my handy assistant Sierra and I were able to load my whole booth into my hatchback and head out into the night in time to watch the eclipse!  And that's a wrap!


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