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On the closing of my boutique, I want to share my deepest gratitude for such a moving, moving experience. I believe endings should be as beautiful as beginnings, yet I couldn’t have imagined how amazing this final shop chapter would be! I’m so grateful for everyone’s generosity of spirit & support at such a pivotal time. The past few months have been so heartwarming as faces new & old stopped in to share their experiences of my shop all these years. I’ve been so touched & truly surprised actually by the outpouring of kindness, flowers & cards like this, from those who stopped by in the final weeks. 

The overwhelming sentiment expressed was how being in my atmospheric space made visitors feel. Connected to the beauty within, yet also to the conversations & underlying theme of nature that was woven throughout. I’ve always said it’s not about things, it’s about how things make us feel. Being a merchant was so much more than about selling things for me. I cherished handpicking antiques for you! Curating objects. Showcasing art. Upholding the beauty of the natural world. 

As I’ve become ever more mindful of my footprint on this earth, I sourced artisan ethical goods from local creatives & suppliers. Small companies with an ethos similar to mine, that care about quality, integrity & lifestyle choices that are kind to our planet. Life is about relationships & I couldn’t have done any of this without all of you! 

Many Vancouverites expressed sadness over our city losing the character of independent shops like mine. I understand their sentiments, yet had to reassure them this end of an era is coming from a place of abundance for me. I hope to bring together tactile personal experiences in the future, just in a new way. Plans for my next chapter including authoring more books & holding workshops that further a deepening connection to a life inspired by nature. I have a deep sense that I also must now use my voice in a meaningful way to help protect our Mother Earth. I hope & trust you’ll follow along!

With more time now to paint & photograph, commissions are welcome! My book, The Natural Eclectic, is still available to purchase directly on my website or in stores across North America. If you live locally I’m happy to hand deliver a signed copy.

I still live in the same neighbourhood of South Granville & I'm sure our paths will cross again soon! 

Of course, I can't forget a very special thanks to all of you who showed up & rolled up your sleeves, and helped me out in the final weeks!

Warmest regards, Heather

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