Feminine Energies

With it being International Women's day, I thought I'd take time to share on the amazing supportive female energies I've experienced as of late. I've been so moved by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm from amazing women that have rallied around me in the daunting task of launching my first book! So, before writing a more in-depth blog on the launch of the book itself, I wanted to pause and honour the power of the feminine voice.




My shining assistant  Sierra was glowing on the night of our launch.

Everyone was so thoughtful. Their generosity of spirit  truly helped me to shine in my big moment. I am honored to have such powerful yet kind, clever, creative, warmhearted women in my life! Cindy of The Vancouverite penned a delightful blog by the very next morning!

What caught me by surprise is not just accolades for my accomplishment, but the wave of affirmations from other incredible women, about myself as a woman. It's been such a wonderful week, and I feel so grateful and indeed loved by the warm outpouring of support around seeing my dream of having a book published come true.

These two women are part of the talented team at Figure 1 publishing. Jess Sullivan, on the right, was my book designer and a dream to work with. No egos involved, we were just two women with the same goal and dream, to make the most beautiful book ever!

Today was especially notable as I discovered my books on a feature table at Indigo Chapters. I thought to myself, this just feels right, to see my dream realized on a day that is about empowering women to reach their full potential.

Here I am above, with my brilliant editor Marial Shea, who guided me through the process of writing my book with such care.

I have quite a small extended family, but they were all there to support me!


I've never really felt 'held back' as a woman, though I do recall in art school being shocked that the required art history literature only profiled two female artist in the whole volume. It was clear to me from a very young age that I would never let that sort of bias stand in my way. I've always been tenacious, strong willed, self directed and purposeful. That said, as a women I've also always known that there is great strength in vulnerability.

In the opening passage of my first chapter on beauty, I reflect on the gift of remaining open to the world, hard as it may be.

"The gift of heightened sense and the ability to find the splendor in the smallest of things also means vulnerability. To truly embrace the subtle nuances of life, we must be open and receptive"

Last week a client of mine expressed deep regrets she could not attend the launch as her mother was ailing. I knew she was involved with caring for her mother in the last stages of her life, and I wanted to comfort her. So I sent her an advance copy of the book, hoping the surprise would lift her spirits.

Today I received the most lovely arrangement from her as a thank you. Clearly she put thought into the choice of floral elements ( so me! ) and also in the eloquent handwritten note.

This is what strong women of the world do. We shoulder the weight of others. We care for the weak and the weary. We love when it isn't easy to do.  We lift each other up. We love!

Happy International Women's Day*

* if you're not pictured in this blog please know I find you beautiful both inside and out. My words include all...images of everyone were not at hand.

Still life images and portrait of Sierra by Heather Ross

All others photos by Britney Gill





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