Green is Lively, Earthy

This morning I witnessed the most remarkable thing while writing near my patio window. A green shimmer caught my eye. A hummingbird was plucking moss from an old stone table in my garden. 

Then, much to my delight, I realized it was gathering for a nest! Thanks goodness I had the insight to grab my NIKON, instead of my handy iPhone, and waited in anticipation for a return visit. My patience was rewarded with a fleeting flurry of green and I managed two captures, including this precious moment.

I love how this image, representing nesting and new life, is in glorious glowing shades of lively green! I have been have captivated by these precious sweet hummingbirds in my garden all year. Lately I have observed a beautiful pair of them, one bright and slim, the other muted with a rather full belly. I am so delighted to learn they are setting up home nearby as winter turns a corner.

Our seasons are so associated with color, and naturally green speaks to us about spring. A quarter of my book is devoted to my chosen color palette, which includes 10 signature colors all inspired by elements of the natural world. In celebration of the imminent arrival of spring, and the launch of my first book, The Natural Eclectic, on March 3rd, I thought I'd share a sneak peek of the most verdant of shades, Lichen and Moss Green.
Just one lichen-encrusted branch makes a tactile addition to a tableau. I love to place undulating bits of lichen into bowls and glass vessels, and to fill the base or orchid planters with moss. 
If you'd like to see and read more on why I love these shades, please pick up a copy of my book! Available in our boutique and at Indigo Chapters early March.

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