On Thursday March 3rd, the dark skies of Vancouver suddenly cleared and my boutique was filled with sunshine in the final moments of preparation for my book launch. A gift from mother nature as I was about to celebrate a dream come true! Ribbons had been tied on rosemary topiaries.  Books had been unpacked, stacked, and loving placed on display. New paintings were hung on the walls. Bottles of wine from The Hatch (with their charming artisan labels depicting birds eggs) were set out in rows. Take away treats were tied up with seashells and vintage keys. My sister Janet, my assistant Sierra and I had been scurrying all afternoon, tending to the tiniest of details as the day built to a crescendo.


Natural motifs echoing themes from the book, such as magnolia branches, birds nests, orchids and eggs were loving placed into the displays. Succulents were nestled in eclectic vessels throughout the shop. Eggs, were a theme I used throughout, not only echoing the cover but representing spring and new beginnings.



The doors opened and before I could barely catch my breath and soak it ALL in, my lovely guests were already lining up to have me sign their books! My shop was now not just filled with books and baubles and beauty, but also with people and love! I had dreamed of this moment for years, when my vision would be artfully curated within the pages of a book, something tangible to be placed into another's hands. My delightful editor Marial Shea was finally able to hold the weighty volume and see how all my words and images came together. 

More than 100 people poured into my diminutive boutique, milling around, chatting, perusing books, enjoying the dreamy afternoon that buzzed with chatter, laughter and celebration. My publishers arrived with flowers, cards were given by many, bottles of bubbly, cupcakes, and homemade applesauce even! 


It had been quite a demanding year leading up to this. Having a book published is no small undertaking, especially while running a boutique.  So as the outpouring of support from friends, family, colleagues and clients surged to a swell, I felt such a feeling of joy, gratitude, and accomplishment.  I could not have done it without my fabulous publishers Figure 1, and my amazing book designer, Jess Sullivan, seen below at left enjoying a glass of 'Ross O Red' from the hatch wines.

Mark from Figure 1 and Danielle from RainCoast Books (my distributor) have been spreading the word on The Natural eclectic to coastlines near and far. Somehow they managed to keep some exciting developments secret from me that night!

I'll save that for my next blog ; )

The Natural Eclectic is currently available at our boutique, as well as Indigo Chapters across Canada. Barnes & Noble in the USA, Rizolli books in New York and in lovely independent book stores throughout North America.

blog photo credits Heather Ross and Britney Gill


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Alison Kent says:

Amazing shots – I can feel like I was there :) Congrats on this incredible work – so happy for you!! I love every page – of course – we’re such color sisters <3

Patricia says:

Congratulations Heather on your beautiful book!!

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