Radiant Orchids and Emeralds

Is it just a coincidence that Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Emerald’…will surrender in 2014  to ‘Radiant Orchid’…. a lush violet/amethyst shade? On the colour wheel they are exact opposite ‘split complimentary’ tones. Based on colour theory they are very compatible together, pleasing, bringing out the best in each other, balancing, neither one competing with the other for attention. Green represents life. Strong, serene, natural, vital. Violet is more spiritual, floral, sensual… yet also regal  { perhaps Pantone was inspired by the royal birth in England? } Violet, orange and green are considered secondary colors to primaries which are red, yellow and blue. It takes a deft hand to mix primaries all together in one setting successfully. Unless perfectly executed in a crisp coastal home or on the border of a Hudson’s Bay blanket, I feel they can look generic or childish. I’ve always preferred colors that are more subtle and nuanced with depth, the ‘in between hues’. While people often associate my work with blues,  I rarely ever paint with bright cobalt or royal blues. I prefer the more serene shades of blue that drift toward..that’s right..the green or violet side of things!

When I do embrace a warmer palette, I love using greyed down shades of lavender.  I may not fully embrace  the tart vibrant fuchsia aspect of Pantones next darling, but I will indeed welcome all it’s gentler shades as seen in the sheer petals of this radiant orchid image I captured against linen on a sun filled day.


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