Lost and Found in the Fog

The other day I found a moment to myself. I decided to get lost in the fog.


I got lost and found myself actually. It had been a while since just me, myself and my camera had a littler wander.

It was misty and mysterious, the air filled with little particles, the landscape hiding and revealing, the sky a perfect soft box.


As the evening approached quickly in the dense fog I got a little chilled, a little tired and headed back up the hill home. All of sudden it was clear. There was a bright warm afterglow of a sunset, pink light just slipping away, a tinge of blue sky and warmth! All of a sudden I felt robbed. I felt regretful. I felt annoyed! Then it struck me. What a metaphor for life in so many ways! On one hand I was a bit cold and chilled and not aware that just steps away ( if I had just taken a further wander ) the sunshine was waiting for me! On the other hand I had been content and creative in the misty landscape until afterwards I found the sun and had regret. I almost felt  ‘left out’! Here were all these people enjoying an extended summer moment after weeks of grey and I had been just steps away in my own fog. I let the ‘grass is greener’ effect taint the moment just before. Not unlike a cozy happy moment at home that gets stirred up when all of a sudden you see via social media that everyone is out and about at some dazzling party you were not privy too! Indeed. A lesson to be in the present and find contentment and beauty wherever you are. Even if you are in a fog.





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