Hello Fall

Hello Fall. Right on cue with the Autumn equinox you arrive with crisp mornings, long golden shadows and yes, rain. My creamy hydrangeas have turned a rosy blush, a tell tale sign that summer is truly over. 

We embrace this as a season of harvest. Of cocooning and retreating back into ourselves and our homes after months of play outdoors. As my previous blog clearly states, I am a summer girl, but autumn does hold a special place in my heart too. It’s just a little bittersweet for me. Cozy grey days are always fun to embrace after a long stretch of sunshine, just along as the grey doesn’t stay too long! There is a surrender involved. A letting go. I offset the shorter days by spending as much time out on rambling walks when the sun is out and sipping perfect blends of rich smoky Lapsang Suchong tea to warm up once inside ( tastes like a campfire )

While many welcome the rich warm earthy tones of fall, I’ve never preferred the rusty palette associated with this season. Take a look at my take on a sunnier brighter approach to a Thanksgiving tableau, as seen in BCLIVING. This is my first of monthly blog posts of  I will be creating for their online magazine in addition to my own personal blog here. I hope you enjoy it!

Recently as part of IDSwest in Vancouver, Interior designer Sophie Burke created a table scape that embraced a similar aesthetic. We were delighted she chose our natural table linens, driftwood toned hand dipped tapers and vintage pressed glass candle holders  to create her ‘Scandanavian Rustic’ table for the Dinner by Design charity event.

This time of year I also get busy like a squirrel foraging for winter, filling the shop with all sorts of textural treasures for the busy season ahead! It’s a creative time that I enjoy, especially in our new location that remains flooded with sunshine ; )





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