Join our Colour Workshop April 1st

I'm so delighted to team up with the dynamic duo, Tina and Brooke of Designers Collective to present an inspiring workshop on colour. As I describe in my book, colour is a language all of it's own. Do you know your own colour story? Why certain colours speak to you? Do you struggle with finding just the right tones?

In this workshop we will help you to look both within yourself & out to the beauty of nature to find your own colour story. You'll glean valuable insights from Tina, a trained architect, Brooke, an interior design, and myself as an artist, stylist and photographer. We'll guide you in gaining a deeper understanding of which colour palettes resonate best for you plus offer tangible hands on tips for how to work with colour in a way that you can apply to your own life and home. 

All attendees will receive a personally signed copy of my book The Natural Eclectic. Tea, coffee a light lunch will be served and everyone will receive a fun swag bag. Space is limited. Early bird rate if booked before March 15th!

For more info & sign up here click here or feel free to call 604 738 4284 to learn more about what you can expect from this exciting event.

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