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When I saw rows of suns in the forecast last week I knew I had to make the most of the balmy weather and escape the city! My friends Rob Studer and Beth Hawthorn had recently completed their Art Loft BnB in Roberts Creek, so I hopped on BC Ferries to the Sunshine Coast for a much needed retreat. Roberts Creek is just a 20 minute drive from the ferry terminal, and it takes just 45 minutes to cross the inlet of Howe Sound, so you can be there from Vancouver in less than two hours. 

Anyone who's familiar with my artwork, follows this blog or has my book, knows I'm so inspired by nature and the sea. I'm more of a coastal girl than a mountaineer and I love rural, pastoral atmospheres... so their spot was an ideal mix for me. Rob and Beth are talented artists and designers in their own right, internationally recognized for their work. So it's only natural the homestead, studio and bnb would be filled with creative genius. 

 It was a dream to be perched in the airy loft, overlooking their expansive field with happy chickens wandering free on the range and rhubarb bursting in raspberry tones out of the garden. 

With the ocean just a few miles away, one can enjoy both a bucolic and seaside setting within minutes. I was in the mood for warmth and sunshine...feeling rather lazy after a rather wet, cold and arduous spring, so I must admit I lazed on their expansive long lean deck for quite some time! 

Huge windows in their loft (cleverly draped with blinds Beth crafted from sturdy canvas drop cloths) allow for privacy or light indoors...depending on your mood. I let myself doze late in the comfy bed that is beautifully framed into the wall with a custom built in wooden headboard.

When I enquired what sort of wood they used I learned that unique headboard, the painted floors and ceiling all incorporated scrap plywood cutoffs from a scaffolding company! Rob and Beth are very clever artists and designers that are great at sustainable design and repurposing materials in unexpected and artful ways. In fact the studio (which hosts a massive 25 ft tall art and design studio on the lower level) was built using old massive glumam beams Rob salvaged from an old decommissioned sawmill.

Many of Rob's art pieces seen in the bnb and throughout the property incorporate cast glass with found natural materials and salvaged scrap. This is a TRUE art loft that overlooks the glass studio. Guests can arrange for personal tour.

Gorgeous paintings by local artist Todd Clark grace the suite, which is a fantastic combination of coastal retreat, meets mid-century modern, meets gallery. 

Its comfy too, with heated slate floors in the bathroom, lots of reading nooks primped with pillows created by Beth and yummy locally made granola to greet you in the mornings with fresh fruit and coffee.

Once I finally felt I'd recuperated and had come back to life, I ventured out to the seaside. Beth and I enjoyed a serene evening walk at Davis Bay.

Just a 10 minute drive north along the coast this long pebbled and sandy beach is one of the few sheltered beaches on the Sunshine Coast that is neither craggy or windy. My kind of beach for collecting smooth pebbles or having a gentle wade.

 We walked out onto the iconic wharf, along the walkway and onto the shore that was in a rosy glow as the sun sank below the islands in the distance. 

In Roberts Creek itself, there is a lovely beach, with a pier and a few quaint shops surrounded by a great restaurant and cafe called The Gumboot. 

I settled in on the shore, sunk into the sand and felt the weight of winter lifting. My mind was busy. I kept feeling like I should be doing more. Get more exercise. Explore more wilds. Take more photos. But I realized I was tired of doing more. So laze I did. Letting the sea lull me. Then back to the Art Loft for dreamy moments amongst the birds and tree frogs in the meadow.

I'm so grateful to have spent time here. Thank you Rob and Beth for creating such a magical spot. I can't wait to return next week to use the locale for a catalogue shoot!

a final note: those following me on Instagram may recall we were looking for a home for my mothers ancient jade tree. I am so pleased it will be permanently residing at Stay@thisisit. 

 All photographs copyright Heather Ross 







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margarita says:

Wow! It is really pleasure to read your blog author! These ideas are very awesome and I will try to follow all these. I also gather some knowledge from my most favorite online site on Things to do Sunshine Coast .

Beth Hawthorn says:

Once again Heather your words and photos really do capture the magic of the space and property. So glad that you came to stay and appreciate all your effort on putting this blog post together. See you soon!

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