With the new year upon us I've noticed quite a few blog posts fulls of tips and advice on organizing and decluttering. I've often wished...Read more

Endless Summer

It was an unusual, endless summer in Vancouver. Sunshine stretching for days, with mauve and coral full moon sunsets dazzling everyone. I lost my desperate need to capture every ray as I started to actually relax and believe the weather forecasts that promised sunshine would still be around the following day.  Read more...

Clean & Airy Urban Living

Sharing a  Boutique Hotel-Inspired Condo story we shot for Western Living CondoInspired by chic hotels, a jet-setting writer brings the look home. Enjoy! 

Text by Amanda Ross.  Photography by Heather Ross.

Sowing the Seeds of Mother Nature

These lemon yellow poppies have been cultivated from my mother’s garden. They grow wild in our region of BC and scatter each year as the little poppy seeds are caught with the wind and move along the terrain to find a new home. 

Ikat: The Original Ombre

Ikat…50 shades of indigo.
It’s interesting to see how popular ‘ombre’ effects have become in design. A term used more currently to describe a graduated look in hair highlights, cakes & tonal bridal bouquets, the word OMBRE is French in origin meaning ‘having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark’

Jelly Bean Colours for Spring

While I tend to prefer muted, earthy tones, spring is such an nice time to embrace to a fresh pretty palette, if even just for Easter weekend! In Vancouver we are blessed with Cherry blossom and Magnolia trees flowering in March and April, intoxicating us all with their frothy pink blooms. It sets the mood for a sweet season.

Breath of Fresh Air

Spring has finally arrived with flowers and sprigs of green rising from the earth! Recently I was looking around at all the different vintage and antique vessels at our shop and thought  they’d be charming potted up with succulents into adorable little groupings. It had me thinking….how is it that house plants have become trendy again?