The World's Beauty

A quote was sent to me by a talented young friend this morning. She asked of me do you think this is true? “At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint or even remember it. It is enough. No record of it needs to be kept and you don’t need someone to share it with or tell it to. When that happens – that letting go – you let go because you can” (Toni Morrison)


Spring has arrived. All that lay dormant is coming to life again, and though I love grey as a color itself, I am so happy to see the fresh tones of spring come alive too.  This year I seem to be drawn to the citrusy tones of an easter palette…soft yellows, lively oranges, sharp fresh greens mixed with robins egg blue all come to mind.

On the Move!

Our latest news is so exciting!  After 11 wonderful years at the same location in South Granville, Vancouver….we’ve moved around the corner to 2170 Fir Street! We’re also really excited to shift from our  Heather Ross [ in house ] brand to our new name heather ross { natural eclectic }.

Autumnal Textures

I’ve been meaning to write a post for so long! I’ve been immersed in life, work, getting ready for the holiday season in the shop, planning an upcoming move for a new boutique and doing a rebrand! On rare unscheduled days I’ve tried to connect with nature & get out in the world to restore myself, to find new treasures, to go harvesting, and to spend time with loved ones.

Home {made}

This weekend we had the pleasure of staying at our friends home on the Sunshine Coast. We love the time we spend with artists Rob Studer and Beth Hawthorn at Roberts Creek.

Their home is a cool yet cozy convergence of rustic homestead meets groovy mid-century modern with homespun family projects on the go all the time.


I love the word juxtaposition. I like both how it sounds and what it means. The structure of the word itself is like a juxtaposition ~  ‘juxta’ is kind of punchy  and then ‘position’ rolls smoothly off the tongue. A whole chapter in my book will explore the theme of artfully juxtaposing objects and elements to create compelling groupings and vignettes.

Natural Eclectic 'Festive'

I love decorating for the holidays in a understated way, mixing sentimental old nostalgic treasures with natural elements. Some of my most cherished treasures are so simple, perhaps a little faded, not quite perfect, yet bring such joy when I behold them.

Happy 10th Anniversary!

The 10 year celebration of Heather Ross [in house] was such a wonderful day on Sunday! I feel blessed to have such lovely friends and clients. The sun shone and the shop was looking especially charming after weeks of treasure shopping, primping and placing.  People brought elegant bouquets, notes of affirmation, but mostly their enthusiasm and delight!