Endless Summer

It was an unusual, endless summer in Vancouver. Sunshine stretching for days, with mauve and coral full moon sunsets dazzling everyone. I lost my desperate need to capture every ray as I started to actually relax and believe the weather forecasts that promised sunshine would still be around the following day.  Read more...

Clean & Airy Urban Living

Sharing a  Boutique Hotel-Inspired Condo story we shot for Western Living CondoInspired by chic hotels, a jet-setting writer brings the look home. Enjoy! 

Text by Amanda Ross.  Photography by Heather Ross.

Sowing the Seeds of Mother Nature

These lemon yellow poppies have been cultivated from my mother’s garden. They grow wild in our region of BC and scatter each year as the little poppy seeds are caught with the wind and move along the terrain to find a new home. 

Ikat: The Original Ombre

Ikat…50 shades of indigo.
It’s interesting to see how popular ‘ombre’ effects have become in design. A term used more currently to describe a graduated look in hair highlights, cakes & tonal bridal bouquets, the word OMBRE is French in origin meaning ‘having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark’

Jelly Bean Colours for Spring

While I tend to prefer muted, earthy tones, spring is such an nice time to embrace to a fresh pretty palette, if even just for Easter weekend! In Vancouver we are blessed with Cherry blossom and Magnolia trees flowering in March and April, intoxicating us all with their frothy pink blooms. It sets the mood for a sweet season.

Breath of Fresh Air

Spring has finally arrived with flowers and sprigs of green rising from the earth! Recently I was looking around at all the different vintage and antique vessels at our shop and thought  they’d be charming potted up with succulents into adorable little groupings. It had me thinking….how is it that house plants have become trendy again?

Coming out of Hibernation

So I’ve been hibernating a bit. It was a good snowy winter to do that. Sometimes just like the earth we need to go into a fallow state to lay the ground for a future garden to grow. We need to let the soil get fertile. Sometimes we need step back, or to step down in order to actually step up to the life we’re meant to live. 

The Natural Season of Giving

This weekend marked the solstice and longer days ahead. A gift for those who long for light. It snowed, got misty and dreamy.  Nature said ‘s l o w   d o w n’. I had much to do, like everyone else at this demanding time. I was blessed to sell four paintings this week and my clients hoped for them to be hung before Christmas. So Sunday between errands and parties I ventured to my clients home...

Radiant Orchids and Emeralds

Is it just a coincidence that Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Emerald’…will surrender in 2014  to ‘Radiant Orchid’…. a lush violet/amethyst shade? On the colour wheel they are exact opposite ‘split complimentary’ tones. Based on colour theory they are very compatible together, pleasing, bringing out the best in each other, balancing, neither one competing with the other for attention.


Lost and Found in the Fog

The other day I found a moment to myself. I decided to get lost in the fog.  I got lost and found myself actually. It had been a while since just me, myself and my camera had a little wander...

Hello Fall

Hello Fall. Right on cue with the Autumn equinox you arrive with crisp mornings, long golden shadows and yes, rain. My creamy hydrangeas have turned a rosy blush, a tell tale sign that summer is truly over. 

Ode to an Enchanted Summer

A summer girl I truly am. Born in August on the same day as my loved one, it is a time I always hold dear to my heart. This was an exceptionally special summer I will never forget. Endless days of sunshine. Celebrations and gatherings. Ocean swimming, day trips, road trips, and camping...

Summer Launch, Celebrations & Buzz!

We were delighted to hold our {belated} launch  party on a beautiful warm summer evening! Buzzing with creative individuals, press and friends and family~ it was a delightful, fun filled, sun filled event.

Setting the Tone

We threw a little summer party for our beloved new shop July 18th ~ this is how we set the tone….thank you to everyone who attended ~ it was a beautiful evening… we are very grateful.

Coastal Boho

Our look was recently described as Coastal Bohemia. I love this description ~ as my childhood days of beach combing & coastal living influenced both my life & style. I’m a true coastal boho! The elemental quality of the ocean & all it’s offerings just speaks to me. Beach glass, driftwood, sand, sea. Arbutus branches, sea anemones, sand dollars & starfish. As a photographer/nature lover how could I resist these forms?

Lichen, Linen and Love

I’ve awoken to a beautiful summer morning. My sweetheart has headed off to yoga. I have a few free hours before I need to head to my shop. The French doors are open to my patio.  I resist the urge to check my emails and instead wander out to our garden with hot chai in hand. What to do? Self directed yoga on the deck? Tinker in the garden? Paint?